Welcome to The Succulent Care Hub, your source for all succulent-related information! We provide detailed care guides and factual articles about these unique plants. We are a team that has come together with a deep love and appreciation for these fantastic plants. Our mission is to provide you with the knowledge and our vast experience to help your succulents thrive under your care.

Meet The Team

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Jennifer West, author of our in-depth articles, and an expert in growing and caring for succulents with over 16 years experience! She also has a degree in botany. Jennifer’s journey in working with succulents began with an unquenchable curiosity about these amazing plants. Her knowledge covers many species of succulents, each with their own unique care requirements.

Jennifer loves writing and sharing practical tips and guides with everyone. Her extensive experience and dedication has made her a valued member of our team. When Jennifer is not immersed in her work, she enjoys spending time with her family.

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Laura Gill, the heart and soul of our company and dedicated mission. Her deep connection to the environment led her to found the Succulent Care Hub.

After earning her Master’s degree in Botany, Laura decided to create a platform where succulent lovers could find everything they needed to grow these extraordinary plants.

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Raul Waldrop is a great researcher on our team, always delving into people’s queries.

If you have any feedback, some questions, want to contribute or even share your story and experience, feel free to email at info@succulentcarehub.com.

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Jimmy Ledbetter is our website designer and technician. Jimmy has expertise in web design and development to ensure a great user experience for our visitors.

Our Team’s Mission

At Succulent Care Hub, we believe that succulents are not just plants, but natural wonders. Our goal is to bring attention to these desert gems and provide you with a guide to caring for them.

Our mission is to help you grow and care for succulents by offering you knowledge and expertise. We aim to create a global community of succulent lovers who share our passion for these unusual plants.

Thank you for joining us and welcome to The Succulent Care Hub!

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