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Best Pots For Cactus: Top 8 Picks

Cacti may be grown practically anywhere because they require minimal care and are incredibly resilient. However, even though they don’t require regular irrigation or fertilizer and may even survive in direct sunlight, cacti still need an ideal environment for growth and flourishing.

Contrary to popular belief, selecting the ideal pots for cacti requires careful consideration of the type, size, humidity level, and warmth of your home.

Fortunately, there are lots of beautiful cactus pots that suit any home style.

Best pots for cactusFeatures
Fox & Fern Plant PotMaterial: Ceramic
Color: Glossy White
Special Feature: Organic
Style: Modern
Kante 19.9″ Dia Round Concrete PlanterMaterial: Concrete
Color: Charcoal
Style: Modern
Planter Form: Plant Pot
Round Capri BowlHeight : 3 in
Weight: 0.41 lbs
Width: 8.0 in
Utopia Home – Plant Pots with Drainage-Pack of 5 Plastic Planters, Cactus, Succulents PotMaterial: Plastic
Color: White
Special Feature: Drainage Hole
Style: Minimalist
Terra Cotta Pots with Saucer- 6-Pack Large Clay PotsMaterial: Earthenware, Ceramic
Color: Terracotta
Style: Modern
Virago 3″ Pot and SaucerMaterial: Clay
Finish: Matte
LA Jolie Muse Large Ceramic Planter with Stand IncludedMaterial: Wood, Ceramic
Color: Bright White
Special Feature: Drainage Hole
Style: Modern, Retro
Tika 3″ Pot and SaucerMaterial: Ceramic
Dimensions: 3″ diameter and 2.5″ tall
Finish: Fully Glazed

Best pots for cactus: features and reviews

Below are the best cactus pots:

Fox & Fern Plant Pot

Best Pots For Cactus

You can’t go wrong with this minimalist pot from Fox & Fern that allows your plant to shine. Although it’s relatively expensive, it’s created using top-notch materials and the proprietary fiberstone is UV-resistant and lightweight making it relatively easy to transport if necessary. You can even put your sun-loving plant by a window and be confident that the pot will maintain its color and finish.

There are two finish options for these small cactus pots: glossy or matte. If you pick matte, you can choose between white and black for the color. There are four sizes available. I recommend purchasing a saucer or going with the white matte pot, which comes with a saucer as an optional item.

Although the drainage hole in the pot is beneficial to the plant’s health, keep in mind that if it isn’t sitting in a saucer, water may spill onto the floor or furniture.

Although the wide lip of the pot gives it an impressive and fashionable appearance, it actually reduces space for your plant’s roots. If you anticipate your plant growing significantly, it’s advisable to choose a larger size.


  • stylish design
  • UV resistant
  • draws attention to the plant
  • multiple sizes


  • wide lip
  • slightly expensive

Kante 19.9″ Dia Round Concrete Planter

Best Pots For Cactus

Created using a special combination of concrete and fiberglass, this product combines the qualities of both materials to provide strength, durability, weather and damage resistance, and long-lasting color.

Showcase a contemporary design with smooth curves and an authentic surface finish! Add a captivating touch of charm to your living area with this sleek, modern masterpiece featuring visible pores.

This planter pot features drainage holes for excellent water control, each equipped with a rubber plug for indoor or outdoor adaptability. Its easy maintenance simplifies your gardening routine while also guaranteeing a healthy habitat for your succulent plants.


  • multiple sizes and shapes
  • perfect as an outdoor pot due to its heaviness
  • aesthetically neutral


  • concrete contains lime, which can leach into your cactus soil and harm plant roots
  • heavy to move

Round Capri Bowl

Best Pots For Cactus

This stunning Capri bowl has sophisticated features, contemporary design, and vibrant colors. These planters are a great addition to any indoor or outdoor setting! It is a great option for any type of plant, including succulents, cacti, herbs, bromeliads, and more, adding color and vibrancy to your home.

The pots’ plastic material gives them the appearance of ceramic and concrete without the fragility! They are made with low-maintenance, colorfast, fade-resistant, resin. Additionally, they have a drain hole at the bottom for efficient plant maintenance.


  • lightweight
  • affordable


  • single-use
  • plastic containers release potentially dangerous organic chemicals that may affect Christmas cactus and other succulent plants.

Utopia Home – Plant Pots with Drainage-Pack of 5 Plastic Planters, Cactus, Succulents Pot

Best Pots For Cactus

The simple design of this plastic pot improves the beauty of your office or home décor while being functional and optimizing storage space. These decorative flower pots come with drainage plugs to prolong the life of your beautiful plants.

These white pots are wonderful gift suggestions for gardening enthusiasts on holidays like Christmas, birthdays, housewarmings, National Forest Week, Earth Day, and World Environment Day.


  • very affordable
  • durable


  • less eco-friendly

Terra Cotta Pots with Saucer- 6-Pack Large Clay Pots

Best Pots For Cactus

After being heated at a temperature of 1050℃, each clay pot is lightweight, aesthetically pleasing, and extremely durable.

Air and water can pass through walls effortlessly since they are made of high-quality clay. It is perfect for plants like cacti that prefer drier soil. Additionally, it works well in cooler climates.

There is a small drain hole at the bottom of each of these pots. The Saucer is the ideal solution for protecting your decking and floors from dirt and water, and it pairs beautifully with flower pots.


  • affordable
  • aesthetically pleasing


  • cracks
  • unreliable

Virago 3″ Pot and Saucer

Best Pots For Cactus

We are all aware of the impact a simple white pot and saucer can have on drawing attention to your houseplants. Using a planter that is either white or black lets the plant’s colors and textures take center stage, with the vessel becoming less noticeable.

The contrast between a white pot and a green plant is the pinnacle of class, and they are aesthetically appealing home accents whether you have one pot or three together.


  • aesthetically pleasing
  • affordable


  • cracks
  • unreliable

LA Jolie Muse Large Ceramic Planter with Stand Included

Best Pots For Cactus

This beautiful planter combines a vintage floral theme with dispersed flower petals to resemble blooming daisies. These elegant ceramic pots are perfect as gifts for your loved ones because of their bright white design, glazed finish, and delicate daisy patterns that symbolize innocence and purity.

This fully glazed planter is made of quality ceramics with a fine embossing technique.

An indoor planter with a strong base enables you to place it anywhere in the room. The stand’s dowel architecture allows for interlocking, thus assembly is not needed.

The worry about excessive water is reduced by the bottom drain hole. Your beautiful plants will thrive in these spacious ceramic pots.


  • multiple styles and color options
  • highly recommended if your plants need dry soil.


  • cracks
  • slightly expensive

Tika 3″ Pot and Saucer

Best Pots For Cactus

They went the handmade ceramics route, leaving the edges of the ceramic pots scalloped to give them a natural appearance.

These ceramic pots come in a variety of colors that go well with any type of décor, from primary colors like yellow and green to more contemporary shades like white and black.


  • affordable
  • multiple styles and color options


  • cracks

Things to consider when purchasing pots for cactus plants

Below are a few things to consider when purchasing pots for cactus:


Many materials, including wood, stone, fiberglass, plastic, and terracotta, are used to make most cacti pots. The weight, porosity, and aesthetics of the pots will depend on the material you opt for.

Terracotta and wooden pots have high porosity levels, which facilitates cactus soil drying. This reduces the possibility of root rot. Fiberglass planters are an excellent option for potting large plants because of their lighter weight. Other pot materials, such as stone and ceramic, are mostly selected based on their aesthetic appeal.


Size pots are one of the most crucial factors to take into account when purchasing a container for the cactus plant. There is a great diversity in the shapes and sizes of cacti plants. For optimal development, the main part of the cactus, regardless of size, has to be 1/4 inch away from the pot’s edge.

Cacti are basically succulents, and several beautiful succulent containers are available in various dimensions. Some cactus plants, although rare, have roots that grow horizontally, requiring a small container.

Please remember that larger cactus plants develop strong roots, therefore you should select deep pots while making your purchase. Small succulents with shallow roots are best in shallow containers.


Color is a major factor when selecting an indoor planter. A planter that compliments the color of your house decor would be ideal.

Nevertheless, color may not be a top priority if you’re purchasing a container for an outdoor cactus. In conclusion, if you’re buying multiple pots for various cacti, you might want to buy a uniform color to maintain consistency and add an element of beauty and personality.


Cactus enthusiasts know that nearly all cacti can withstand prolonged periods of drought and survive for days without water. Nonetheless, it’s important to choose an indoor planter with draining openings.

Many cacti prefer deep, occasional watering, meaning that when watering, the water should only reach the bottom of the pitcher.

The presence of drainage holes prevents the soil around your cactus from getting soggy and protects the base from root rot. Remember to drill drainage holes in pots that don’t have them before you plant your cactus.


What type of pots are best for cactus?

The type, size, humidity level, and warmth of your home should all be taken into account while choosing pots for your cacti. Cacti prefer pots with good water drainage, as this prevents water from accumulating at the bottom of the pot.

Best cactus pots include ceramic pots, wooden pots, fiberglass pots, etc. Ceramic pots are recommended if your plants need dry soil. Avoid using metal pots as outdoor planters as they may rust, overheat, and damage the cacti. Glass pots could retain moisture and lead to rotting of the whole plant.

Do cactus like to be in small pots?

A cactus may thrive in a small pot, however the pot shouldn’t be excessively small. A large, deep pot will make the cactus soil mix retain too much water, while a very small pot will force the roots to grow too quickly. Take the cactus’s root system into account when selecting the pot size. A larger container might be required if the cactus’ roots aren’t growing properly.

If a cactus is outgrowing its pot, increasing the pot size gradually is recommended rather than suddenly switching to a much larger pot.

Are plastic pots OK for cactus?

Plastic pots are suitable for cacti because:

– They are inexpensive.

– Most plastic pots include multiple drainage holes to prevent waterlogging.

– They retain their beautiful appearance for a very long period.

– They retain moisture effectively.

Do cacti need drainage holes?

Despite their ability to retain water in their tissues and adapt to dry conditions, cacti cannot withstand standing water near their roots. For your cactus to remain healthy and flourish, it is crucial to select a pot with drainage holes and a well-draining potting soil mixture.

Do cactus grow better in clay pots?

Christmas cacti are often planted in clay pots because they provide excellent drainage, which helps prevent the cactus soil from getting excessively wet and damaging the plant. Furthermore, clay pots are porous, which enables air to circulate through the cactus soil and reach the roots.

It is crucial to remember that the kind of pot you purchase ultimately depends on your preferences and the specific requirements of your cactus plant.

Are shallow pots better for cactus?

Yes. Shallow pots are better for cactus compared to deep and large pots.

You can use any size planter, however for aesthetic and functional reasons, the ideal kinds of pots are shallow and wide. A shallow depth is ideal for the small root systems of your plants, and its width allows you to include multiple small plants. If your pot doesn’t have any drainage holes, don’t forget to drill some before you start planting.


Choosing a suitable planter for cacti can sometimes be complicated. Nevertheless, there are several unique pots made of cacti-friendly materials available, so there’s bound to be one that suits everyone’s taste!

Make sure it suits your cactus plant, and don’t forget to give your plant the care that it needs. Use a well-draining soil mix and a low-nitrogen fertilizer. Consider getting a porous container if you tend to overwater your plants. Concrete pots are suitable for growing most cacti outside since they are strong and won’t be blown away by strong winds.

I hope you have the most fun growing succulents with the recommendations above.

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