Bottom Watering Cactus

Bottom Watering Cactus: Is It The Best For Cactus?

Want to know more about bottom watering cactus? You have a cactus at home, you are enjoying looking at this plant on the windowsill. And you may have no thoughts of watering cactus at all. Many people get used to thinking that cactuses can live with no water and that they can survive in such conditions.

Unfortunately, that is a big mistake, your cactus may die of dehydration and lack of water like all the plants in the world. You need to water your cactus and one of the methods of watering cactuses is bottom watering it. 

So, if you desire to know how to bottom water your plant, then this article is written for you.

Bottom Watering Cactus
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Bottom watering: what is it?

First of all, we need to understand what is bottom watering in general. This will help you in further reading.

So, bottom watering is the process when you are watering the soil from the bottom up the way that it becomes hydrophobic and lets the humidity to get the roots of the plants effectively. The advantage of this method of watering is that any excess water will stay in the soil and will not get out of the pot through drainage holes.

Just make sure that there are no problems with drainage holes and excess water.

Another advantage of bottom watering is that the plant does not sit in the water like with the usual watering process, but the plants deep soak all the necessary liquid through the roots in the soil. As you can see, the process really reminds us of a natural soaking process, when the plants get all the water through the roots.

With bottom watering, the plant uses its roots to get enough water from the soil and not get overwatered. The plant is healthy, it is away from at least one danger. Moreover, this system strengthens the roots of the plants, which is very important. The roots grow in the direction where the soil moisture is, and when it is at the bottom, the whole process is natural and unmistakable. 

You can see that this watering system is perfect for cactuses, which may not need as much water as usual plants. There is no excess moisture in them.

You will see further that this process has another important advantage. The point is that it is very easy to do, you can do it without any complications and the whole process is not going to take much time. It is better than spraying water.

The only effort you need to maintain regularly is making certain that the water is enough, it reaches the roots of the cactus and there are no extra drainage holes in the pot. If there is a hole, the process will not be completed and the water will easily get out of the pot through the drainage hole without reaching the roots of the cactus.

How to bottom water cactus

Now it is time to learn how to bottom water a cactus and make sure that the cactus will stay strong and healthy and get enough water. You should read the instructions carefully.

Check the humidity level

First of all, you need to make certain that exactly a third of the soil on the top is absolutely dry. Only after you make sure that it is, you can continue the process and add the water. Do not add the water if there is soil dry on the top. 

How to check the humidity level

To know if the soil is dry, you should stick the finger into the pot two inches deep to check it and feel it. Or you can use a moisture meter instead of a finger. Then, if the soil is cold, wet, or even just damp, you should not water cacti at this very moment. The watering must be postponed for a while until the potting soil is dry.

You may check it every day if needed. 

And when you see that the potting mix is finally dry, then you can start watering it. You should follow the further instructions carefully.

Bottom Watering Cactus
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Fill a container with water

You should fill the sink or a container with water enough for the pot of the plant. You have to use distilled or filtered water for watering the cactus. It is definitely not recommended to use standing water, lukewarm water, and tap water. Tap water may be unhealthy and detrimental for a cactus plant. 

If you have a standard potting mix, then the water is going to be absorbed quickly. If you have nothing but the plant and the soil in the pot, then you can put the pot in with any water level. If there are drainage rocks, the level must be higher.

But you should make certain the water in the container or a sink is enough for an indoor cactus, so the cacti will be able to absorb as much water as it needs. 

Bottom Watering Cactus
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Immerse the pot

Then you need to immerse the pot with a cactus in the sink or a container with water. When you make certain that everything is in order and there is no problem with cactus in the water, you can leave it for a while and wait until it absorbs enough water. 

Leave the pot in the water

The pot with a cactus must be in the water for at least ten minutes. After this time, you can approach and check if the cacti plants are already watered.

When you see, that the potting mix is wet to the top, then you can take the pot with a cactus out.

It has absorbed enough water. 

If the top of the pot is still dry, you should leave it in the water for an extra ten minutes. 

Bottom Watering Cactus
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Drain out the container

The last step is draining out the sink or the container where you put the pot with the cacti plants before. You should leave the cactus there for a few minutes unless it has already absorbed all the water it needs. 

This is the whole process. As you can see, it does not take much time, so it is absolutely possible to water the cactus plant timely and keep it strong and healthy.

Do not overwater a cactus plant

You should not water cacti very often because you can easily overwater it and the plant will be sick. To know when to bottom water the cactus you should just check the dryness of the potting mix of the cactus. And the potting mix must be fast-draining. If it is not, you definitely should change the potting soil of the cacti plants immediately. 

And make sure there are no extra drainage holes. Because if there are drainage holes, then the water will get out.

You should make certain that the soil is completely dry after the last watering before watering it once again, otherwise, you may overwater your cacti plants. To check whether it is completely dry or not, you can put a stick in the soil for two inches and then get it out to see the current state of the soil. 

water your cactus
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Bottom watering a cactus: several tips

There are also several tips for bottom watering a cactus plant, that you should know because it is going to provide you with the best result. You should read the tips carefully.

Pay attention to time

This is quite obvious, but we still need to underline it. The time is crucial in watering any plant, especially a cactus plant. If you forget about time, you may easily overwater the cactus and impair its health, eventually resulting in death in the long run. So, that is why you should be very attentive when it comes to watering a cactus. 

You definitely have to avoid leaving a cactus in a container with water for a long time.

The same is true with not watering enough. If you do not pay much attention to the cactus, you may forget to water it timely and the cactus is going to suffer from dehydration. 

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Water one cactus in time

If you have more than one cactus you should never try to water all of them at the same time. Different cactuses require different amounts of water. So, if you try to water all of the cactuses at the same time, then some of them are at risk of being overwatered and some of them are not going to get enough water.

So, the best thing you can do is water one at a time and no more.

Use nutrients

Also, you should add some nutrients to the water when you water a cactus. This is a good influence on the health of the cactuses. But you should avoid adding too much nutrients. 

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How often you should water a cactus

Another important question to look through is the time when you should water a cactus since it is crucial to not overwater a cactus or leave it without enough water. 

So, a cactus may not require frequent watering because it can store water for a while. But it is not a reason to forget about watering a cactus at all, for sure. 

Usually, you need to water your cactus once or twice a week. You should pay attention to the details of the plant in the soil and the time of the year because this is where the necessities of the plant change. 

You can see when your plant needs wanted or suffer from a lack of water. The only thing you need is your attention on the plant.

So, there are certain signs in the stem, a dry tip of the leaves of the cactus that tell you that there is a need for water.

You should pay attention to the dry tip of the roots because if the roots in the soil do not get enough water for a long period, it leads to drying and root rot. And it is not easy to get rid of root rot.

If you remember how your plant usually looks, then the strange smallest change in its appearance is the sign you need.

Moreover, never forget to check the humidity of the cactus plant with a stick or with a finger. It may help you understand whether your plant in the soil needs water or not. 

water your cactus
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Pay attention to seasons

Then, do not forget that in the warmer seasons, the plant in the soil needs more water than usual, so you definitely should water it a little more frequently than at other times of the year. Usually, people water a cactus once a week in the summer or more often. 

You should water your cactus more in the spring, right after the potting solid dries up. 

In the cold seasons, the cactus in the soil are in a state of dormancy which means that there is no extra need for water. Moreover, exactly at this time of the year, overwatering may have the most detrimental consequences for the plant. So, you should be very attentive and careful at this time. 

The same is true with underwatering because cold temperatures dry out the potting cactus soil quite quickly. So, the general advice is to be attentive and check the state of the cactus in the soil from time to time to make sure it gets everything it needs. 

water your cactus
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Why is bottom watering recommended?

The bottom watering method is recommended by many specialists. The process is very simple and does not require much time and effort. The main thing you need to maintain regularly is attention to the cactus and the level of humidity in it. 

This watering method maintains the health of the plants because most of the time it allows the potted plant to get exactly the amount of water it needs, and not more, if you get the plant out of the sink with water timely. 

Bottom watering is much better than top watering because when you use top watering, a very small amount of water reaches the roots, so, the plant can not absorb water as it needs. If you use top watering, most of the time the plant is simply underwatered.

That is why the bottom watering is the best recommendation. With bottom watering, the water reaches the roots quickly and the potted plant gets all the water to stay healthy. 

However, it should be mentioned that most experts recommend the bottom watering method not for all the time but for the two first months of the life of the plant, to make certain that the growth and development are going to be correct and unproblematic.

So, with all the instructions and tips you are going to water your cactus timely and pay attention to its health and growth.

Then there is not going to appear any problem at all, as the experts say.

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In conclusion, bottom watering is the best for cactus

The bottom watering method is a very easy way to water a plant and make sure that it absorbs all the water it needs. With bottom watering, you can provide your plant with water without difficulties and maintain its development.

You should just pay attention to time and the state of the cactus and it will bring you good, for sure. You have to water your cactus once or twice a week, depending on the time of year, and then the cactus will bring you joy with its health and beauty.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I bottom water my cactus?

You definitely should bottom watering the cactus. Your cactus is going to grow healthy and strong if you use bottom watering. Moreover, if you are attentive and do everything timely, the cactus is going to be underwatered, as well as overwatered. The process is simple, so you are not going to spend much time watering the cactus. 

Is it better to water succulents from the bottom?

Yes, you should water them from the bottom and not from the up. It is so because when you water succulents from the bottom the roots of the plants absorb water as much as it needs. If there is excess water, it gets out through holes. So, the development of the plant is not impaired and your cactus will stay healthy and strong. 

Do you water Christmas cactus from the bottom?

Yes, Christmas cactus also should be watered from the bottom because if you water it with distilled water from the up, the water reaches the cactus roots in small amounts, so the plant stays underwater. Water evaporates. That is why bottom watering is the best for watering cacti. So, you should use this method on the Christmas cactus, for sure.

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